BHE AIR Dryer with diffussor


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The BHE AIR Dryer with diffussor is the ultimate hair drying tool that combines lightweight design and powerful performance. With its innovative features and advanced technologies, it stands out as the top choice for professional hairstylists and individuals who value quality and convenience.

Lightweight and Powerful

At just 240 grams, the BHE AIR Dryer is the lightest hairdryer on the market. Its lightweight construction not only makes it easy to handle and maneuver, but also prevents wrist and shoulder damage during prolonged use. Despite its lightness, this dryer doesn’t compromise on power. With its high-performance motor, it delivers fast and efficient drying, saving you time and effort.

Advanced Technology

The BHE AIR Dryer is equipped with the latest and most innovative technologies to ensure optimal hair care and styling results:

  •  i-OZONE Technology: This cutting-edge technology helps to eliminate bacteria and odors from your hair, leaving it fresh, clean, and healthy.
  •  i-TORRENTE: With this technology, the BHE AIR Dryer enhances hair well-being, adds shine, and maintains long-lasting color. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless hair!

Customizable Settings

The BHE AIR Dryer offers a range of settings to suit your individual needs:

  •  3 Speed Settings: Choose the speed that works best for your hair type and desired drying time.
  •  3 Heat Settings: Adjust the heat level to prevent damage and achieve the perfect styling result.
  •  Cold Shot: Lock in your hairstyle with a blast of cool air to ensure long-lasting hold.
  •  Lock Button: Keep your preferred settings in place to maintain consistent performance throughout your styling session.
  •  Button Lock: Prevent accidental changes to your chosen settings with the convenient button lock feature.

Elevate your hair drying experience with the BHE AIR Dryer with diffussor. Its lightweight design, powerful performance, and advanced technologies make it the ultimate choice for achieving salon-quality results at home or in the salon.



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